Check It Out

Event / Commercial / Real Estate / Videography

Team Managers

Wesley Swieter

I am the co-manager of CheckItOut, and am also working with the flight team. I enjoy leading and flying, as well as developing video content for the business. Outside of the business I am an athlete, mechanic, and an outdoorsmen.

Leo Deford

I really want to leave something behind for this school to advance the STEM program forward. I love the challenge of pioneering a new project, and I especially love drone videography.

Business Team

Natalie Calderon

Collectively founding this company has allowed me an outlet to build on my business skills while working within a STEM environment. I look forward to seeing the STEM program grow and take on this project.

Zackary Ward

I'm a part of the business team. My job is domestic advertisement. For those who don't know what that is, it's basically in school promotion. I design banners, posters and the face of the stem lab in an attempt to get more students to join the program.

Web Design & Media Team

Kevin Shaffer

As the leader of the webdesign team and the creator of this very website, I work on learning programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to create and manage our buisness website. Programming is a great interest of mine, and I plan to study computer science after highschool.

Joel Bauer

I enjoy editing and producing quality videos. I find video production fun, and that's why I chose to do it.

Eric Crumpley

I am the main producer of the music we're using in our productions. I enjoy it because music is my passion and making it is my favorite thing to do.

Cash Hoffman

I'm Cash... with a dollar sign so it's actually Ca$h, and I work partially on the web design and partially as a technical help in the classroom working on projects on the side for the supervisor or other students.

Cris Sanchez

I assist with the creation of the music in the STEM program and I find it to be exciting when a good track comes together.

Flight Crew

Stettsun Watson

I like to fly drones and find the best angles in photography. Taking pictures and videos are a passion of mine.

Cody Muse

I like to learn how different things work. I also like to take photos of different types of views of nature.

Kendal Ford

I like to learn about robotics, photography, and how things work.That is why I wanted to learn how to fly drones for filming and other purposes.

Ethan Salazar

Working as a large team this year has been an amazing opportunity, which is able to show us some examples of how the real world works. I like working with the people in this class, and if we get so much work done through cooperation.


Marcus Diamond

I am the STEM facilitator for the team and school. My role is to insure the students have the resources they need and continue to improve in their learning.

CheckItOut is the Advanced STEM project created under the RE-3J district.