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Event / Commercial / Real Estate / Videography


Our mission is to establish a unique, successful drone videography business, with an exceptionally satisfied clientele, in order to learn and provide future funds for the Weld Central High School S.T.E.M. program.

Our company is a collection of advanced S.T.E.M. students working toward the goal of becoming drone certified in order to build a drone videography company, focusing on creating extraordinary business relations. Our goal is to succeed, our mission is to learn.

Business Team Updates

The Business team is currently working on finding and scheduling future jobs to fulfill. We are also marketing our STEM program within our school in order to encourage students to join. There are a lot of seniors currently in the class, and our goal is to get more students to join in order to take the reins next year.

Flight Team Updates

The Flight Crew is currently working on building the practice flight obstacle course. We are building this obstacle course for the drones so that we will be able to train new pilots and practice flying the drones. This course will consist of different loops, turns, and rings to maneuver. We are also working on flying different drones and learning how the controls and systems work.

Media Team Updates

The media team is learning to use the programs that we are using for the projects currently in progress. We are producing a promotional video for the school district that is covering all of the RE-3J schools. We are also looking at what a production studio has to do in order to copyright anything published under their name.